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How to Be a Well Being: Unofficial Rules to Live Every Day

How to Be a Well Being: Unofficial Rules to Live Every Day

Paperback by Cope, Andy; Sandhu, Sanjeev; Pouliopoulos, James

How to Be a Well Being: Unofficial Rules to Live Every Day

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Publication Date:
23 Jul 2020
John Wiley and Sons Ltd
Capstone Publishing Ltd
224 pages
For delivery:
Estimated despatch 26 - 28 Feb 2024
How to Be a Well Being: Unofficial Rules to Live Every Day


***BUSINESS BOOK AWARDS - FINALIST 2021 - PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND WELLBEING*** Make the Most of Every Single Day Uncertainty, instability, pressure, anxiety and now pandemic pandemonium . . . the world is hell bent on robbing us of our wellbeing. It's time to fight back. Twenty-Two Rules for Life that Just work It's time to ditch the tired, old wisdom, and take life into your own hands. We've all fallen for the mantra that 'you only live once,' but it's a big fat lie. The truth is that you get to live - really LIVE - every single day of your life. Based on the wisdom of Positive Psychology, How to be a WELL BEING teaches you to: Strive toward your true potential Stop wasting time and start achieving Focus on what's truly important Rethink your thinking Find meaning and fulfillment Upgrade to YOU 2.0 It's time to raise your personal bar from mental health to mental WEALTH. 'Memento mori' - remember death. No more messing around. No more wasting time. A new world calls for new rules. It's time to re-focus on what's most important and to take massive strides towards your true potential. 'I forget what came before sliced bread, but whatever it was, this is better than that.' -Mylee from Swindon


Three Authors, One Voice xi A Note from the Authors xv A Quick Word About Rule Breaking xvii RULE #1 Life Isn't Fair (But Then Again, Nobody Ever Said It Was) 1 RULE #2 Your Matter Matters 7 RULE #3 Celebrate! You're a Lottery Winner 15 RULE #4 Regrets, You'll Have a Few 21 RULE #5 It Pays to Know the Truth About Money and Happiness 29 RULE #6 Say 'Thank You' (It Really Is That Simple!) 41 RULE #7 It's Okay to NOT Be Okay 49 RULE #8 Sleep Easy 55 RULE #9 It's LOVE Actually 67 RULE #10 Listen to Understand, Not to Reply - Then Reply 75 RULE #11 Whichever God You Follow, Kindness is the Best Religion 83 RULE #12 Nudge the Machine 95 RULE #13 Your Happiness is Bigger Than You 103 RULE #14 Be More Dog 115 RULE #15 Your Smartphone is Making You Stupid 123 RULE #16 Ditch the Superhero Cliché 131 RULE #17 Work is for Schmucks 139 RULE #18 Act Your Shoe Size 151 RULE #19 Carry on Squeezing 159 RULE #20 Being Busy and Being Productive are Two Different Things 167 RULE #21 You are Made of Ordinary Magic 173 RULE #22 Quit Your 'Wait Problem' 183 Index 191


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