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Sustainable Marketing Planning

Sustainable Marketing Planning

Paperback by Richardson, Neil

Sustainable Marketing Planning

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Publication Date:
11 Nov 2019
Taylor & Francis Ltd
272 pages
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Sustainable Marketing Planning


There are two major parallel challenges facing managers and leaders: first, how to adapt to global changes in markets, competition and supply, and second, how to grow a business while observing recognisably sustainable practices. Companies must now align their values with customers who increasingly seek people-friendly and planet-friendly products and services. Using sustainable marketing techniques to create value ultimately leads to improved customer satisfaction, better professional relationships and increased effectiveness. With marketing planning absent from the current textbook offering, this book provides practical insights, tools and frameworks to help readers produce tactically and strategically appropriate marketing plans. Showing how to embed sustainability in these strategies and reflecting on the historical and current criticisms aimed at marketing, students will be shown how to implement changes while being encouraged to reflect on why they are needed. Full of tools and frameworks to improve comprehension, including chapter-by-chapter learning outcomes, summaries, exercises, applied activities and mini case studies, it bridges the gap between theory and practice effectively and accessibly. Finally, PowerPoint lecture slides and Multiple Choice Questions sections are provided for each chapter as electronic resources. Presenting contemporary themes and challenges at the cutting edge of business research and practice, this book should be core reading for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students of sustainable marketing, marketing planning and marketing strategy, as well as professionals seeking to improve the competitive advantage of their organisations.


Chapter 1: Why Sustainable Marketing? 1.1 Sustainable Marketing and its influences 1.2 Sustainability... the new organisational orientation 1.3 Critical Marketing 1.4 Corporate versus customer-centric values 1.5 The Sustainable Consumer and Buyer Behaviour 1.6 Sustainable Marketing Research 1.7 Systems and Customer-Centricity Chapter 2: The Marketing Mix 2.1 Communications (aka marcomms) 2.2 Convenience (aka Place) 2.3 Customer benefits (aka Product) 2.4 Cost to customers (aka Price) 2.5 The Sustainable Services Mix (featuring People, Process and Presence) Chapter 3: Sustainable Marketing Planning 3.1 Planning Frameworks 3.2 Situation Review 3.3 External Environmental Frameworks and Analysis 3.4 Generating Useful SM Objectives 3.5 Strategic SM Choices - Sustainable Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning 3.6 Strategic SM Choices - Choosing a Strategy to Achieve SM Objectives 3.7 Issues of Control and Measuring Value 3.8 Barriers to Adopting Sustainable Marketing Planning Chapter 4: Themes Today and Tomorrow 4.1 Relationship Marketing 4.2 Internal Marketing 4.3 Sustainable Entrepreneurship 4.4 Sustainable Branding 4.5 Global Sustainable Marketing 4.6 Digital Marketing in the Sustainable Age 4.7 SMEs and Micro-Enterprises 4.8 Charities, Not-for-profit Marketing and Third Sector Organisations


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