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Consultancy, Organizational Development and Change (ePub eBook)

Consultancy, Organizational Development and Change (ePub eBook)

eBook by Hodges, Julie

Consultancy, Organizational Development and Change (ePub eBook)

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Consultancy, Organizational Development and Change (ePub eBook)


Organizations are increasingly investing in consulting capabilities to understand what changes they need to make to keep up the pace with the competition and future-proof their business. Consultancy, Organizational Development and Change is a guide for students and internal and external consultants needing to develop the necessary skills to consult in organizational settings where there is a great deal of complexity. It tackles the issues posing the greatest threat to the success of the change programme, including how to adapt to rapidly shifting needs, deal with the emotional and ethical issues that arise and ensure that the managers take full ownership for the change so that 'business as usual' is established.Complete with case studies from the 'Big Four' consultancy groups as well as boutique firms, Consultancy, Organizational Development and Change shows how to identify and execute interventions in a variety of organizational settings to deliver value. It provides guidance on how to develop a value proposition; define, write and present the business case for the proposed interventions; establish credibility and report on the results.


Section - ONE: The Context of Consulting; Chapter - 01: The Nature and Value of Consulting; Chapter - 02: Roles and Responsibilities of Consulting; Section - TWO: The Consulting Cycle; Chapter - 03: Preparation and Contracting; Chapter - 04: Diagnosing the Need and Readiness for Change; Chapter - 05: Designing and Delivering Interventions; Chapter - 06: Transition; Section - THREE: Consulting Capabilities; Chapter - 07: Building Capabilities for Consulting; Chapter - 08: Becoming a Consultant; Chapter - 09: The Shadow Side of Consultancy; Chapter - 10: Conclusions and Reflections

Kogan Page
328 pages
Publication Date:
03 Apr 2017

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