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Oops I did it again

Oops I did it again

It's normal to feel anxious and nervous before starting university because you can't help but wonder, what to expect? Who will my new friends be? What's life in university like? Let me share my secrets about starting university.

Keep an open mind

Expect less, enjoy more. There will be orientation and induction week prepared for you. It can be meeting new people from different countries and many events will be available for you to join. It may be learning new skills or being familiar with your campus.

It's not all just about studies

It would be stressful stuck all day with your studies. University is also all about joining activities, events and clubs and societies, allowing you to be participative. You can run for a club, be part of their societies or even create your event.

It might be one of your best times in life

How nice would it be to meet people from different countries, with different cultures and backgrounds! Many opportunities are also available in the university for you to explore and challenge yourself in enhancing your skills, as well as to have a wider network.

Doubt the course you chose

Sometimes you may doubt what you're studying because expectations are always different from reality, DUH! You may find yourself learning something that feels unrelated but who knows, it may be useful in the future!

No more spoon-feeding

Independence is one of the words heard in university life because everyone is treated like adults. You need to be responsible with your work, your accommodation etc., though support will always be available from the university.

So here are some of my secrets about starting university no one told you about! Hope this helps!

By Tan Huey En Joyce
BA (Hons) in Fashion Design Pathway, Year 2 - Teesside University

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