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2021/22 Events Schedule


October Events




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Past Events

Study Skills

How to Think for Yourself - Alex Baratta & Tom Chatfield



"What does it mean to read, write and engage critically in the contemporary context? Authors and researchers Dr Alex Baratta (How to read and write critically, SAGE) and Dr Tom Chatfield (How To Think, SAGE) examine the importance of taking control of your time, attention and engagement; what it means to develop confidence in your own study and thinking skills; and why evidence-based analysis matters more than ever in an age of disinformation, distraction and fake news."




Getting Critical: What, Why and How - Kate Williams






Kate Williams explains what getting critical is (and isn't), why you need to bring a critical dimension to your work, and how to do it. She covers how to: Approach your studies, work and life inquisitively and critically, Take a strategic approach to reading and research, Get critical in writing, so you can achieve higher marks




Take Your Essays to the Next Level - Ursula Hackett




Ursula Hackett explains how to avoid common essay pitfalls, unpick essay questions and approach essays with confidence.



Journal Your Way to Success - Barbara Bassot




Barbara Bassot explains how journaling can help you to develop successful study habits, build awareness of your strengths and reach your goals.


Preparing for Law Exams - Steve Foster


Steve Foster covers: How to revise for (on-line) exams How to construct answers for exams Dos and don'ts with respect to answers How to write great essays and problem questions How to write answers for Constitutional, Legal System and Human Rights exams How to write answers for Contract and Tort exams



Getting the Most Out of Your University Journey - Helen Coleman & Kaye Rabel

Kaye Rabel and Helen Coleman have identified several ways to help you plan and manage your time, money, studies, and personal life, effectively while keeping a focus on your health and wellbeing. Which means they can help you to study smarter, stay healthy and enjoy your university experience to the full. 


How to Build Motivation and Get Work Done - Gareth Hughes




Gareth gives practical pointers on: Building successful study habits and routines, getting started with tasks and projects even when you don't feel like it, maintaining motivation when the going gets tough Setting achievable goals Overcoming challenges and facing the future with confidence

Stressbusting in the 21st Century - Audrey Tang


Stress in the 21st century is psychological as well as physical. We are in the habit of overthinking and worsening the stress response. Resilience is not just about "getting by" but rather building the mental and emotional fortitude to take on the crises, rebuild when it's exhausted you - and have some energy left in the tank to thrive. 






Superhuman Interview Skills - Debra Stevens


Debra Stevens and her team of highly talented business actors provide a fun interactive workshop which will give you 5 tools to use in any interview.



The Five Things That F**k Your Up - Steve McDermott


A talk with Steve McDermott about the five things that f**k you up Includes the five building blocks of failure. 1. No Values Don't know what's important to you and why 2. No Vision Have no idea where you are going 3. No Purpose Lack meaning and purpose in your life and work 4. No Goals Never measure your progress 5. No Belief Being a victim of circumstances












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